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GAN offers the full suite of IT services, as well as deep project management expertise. Regardless what combination of services you need, GAN will exceed your expectations.

Digital Design and

All businesses need a digital strategy. It’s not enough just to have a web site; businesses need to use multiple approaches when it comes to reaching their clients. Whether you need an SEO/SEM specialist, a social media campaign manager, or just some advice on how to build a solid digital strategy, GAN has you covered.

Data Backup and

The most valuable asset in most modern businesses is business data. GAN IT can help businesses not only protect their data from accidental or malicious harm, but also assist in recovery after disaster has struck. We are experts in backup strategies, disaster recovery, and threat identification and mitigation.

Software Design
and Development

Mobile apps, GUI tools, web apps, and any other software design, GAN’s got it covered. Designing a software tool to solve a problem requires a partner that understands the business case. Not all developers can do this. GAN’s team of business analysts and software developers work hand in hand to ensure that what you need is what gets built.

Support and Incident

When things go wrong in IT, the consequences can range from an annoying inconvenience to a catastrophic incident significantly affecting the business’ bottom line. When faced with such a scenario, having experts available is key to ensuring that a speed bump does not become a major incident.

Cloud Services and

Cloud is the buzzword of the day, but many businesses don’t fully appreciate the value that cloud systems can deliver. GAN has extensive experience deploying cloud services, so if you think that your business could benefit by using the cloud, we can help you figure out how and then execute on your cloud strategy.

Monitoring and

Nothing is more frustrating than business grinding to a halt over IT issues. Modern business is so dependent upon IT systems that when they fail, business stops until they are restored. GAN provides clients with preventative monitoring and maintenance to reduce the frequency and severity of outages.

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